Rawlings BOOMS!!!!!

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Politics

Former President Jerry John Rawlings was in his elements at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium during the National Delegates’ Congress of the breakaway National Democratic Party (NDP), tongue-lashing the party he founded, the National Democratic Congress, and prophesying that a “proper revolution” which will lead to a house cleansing will rock the ruling party after the 2012 elections.

As if that was not ominous enough, the former president, who revealed that he owes a stronger allegiance to the NDP than to the ruling party due to the latter’s loss of what he terms as “moral high grounds, also predicted that majority of NDC parliamentarians will lose their seats ‘badly’ in the upcoming December polls.

“Can you imagine the number of MPs on the NDC front who are going to lose? Many”.

“…it is not my wish for them to lose and lose that badly but because people want to carry out their perfidious agenda, money has to be used at congresses to vote out some of the most desirable and best candidates and put in place the candidates that government says I want…It won’t surprise me if Independent candidates and NDP candidates start beating them all over the place,” Mr Rawlings said.

He was addressing delegates and supporters of the newly formed NDP on Saturday.

Prior to this congress, Mr Rawlings, who was trying to warm his back into the good books of the NDC leadership, following his constant vituperative attacks, had been impressed upon to let bygones be bygones and take his rightful place in the party.

But in what can best pass for a direct snub of these overtures, the former president pointed out that some elements within the party would have to leave to pave way for them to reunite with the NDC.

“The revolution will take effect before we can join hands,” he said.

Touching on why he believes most NDC parliamentary candidates will lose in this year’s elections, Mr Rawlings explained that most of the candidates the NDC is fielding for the polls ‘bribed’ their way through the party’s primaries; hence are not a true representation of the electorate.

He said the endemic corruption in the ruling party led to a situation where many government appointees used their position and money to un-sit Members of Parliament who had worked tirelessly to bring the party to power.

Mr Rawlings stated that some government officials will only be secured under the NDC since they know that they will have to face the law for the numerous wrongs they committed while in power.

“Most of us know the suffering and the humiliation that people went through under our big brother Kufuor’s regime; the loss of lands in the Greater Accra Region, the massive corruption and some of the nasty dirty things that took place…Inspite of the fact that the NDC leadership had lost its moral high ground, they got involved in things that they should not have gotten involved in; the corruption at the leadership level. But note, not the grassroot people, but why were they afraid and why were they so prepared to overlook all the faults of the NDC which was almost becoming like that of Kufuor’s NPP and rather were desperate to stay in government, because as a government, as NDC government, we did not rectify the injustices and killings of the past,” Mr. Rawlings added.

Source: peacefmonline.com

  1. setor says:

    i have observed with keen interest why mr. rawlings will not want to tell Ghanaians the truth. did his wife acquire properties in the name of 31st DWM. does he see them as corruption. does she own lands at south la. yes she does. does she own real estates etc. yes. iif only he were principled, won’t it be great. konadu has always wanted to stand for president since the swedru congress and this is known to all.if she does not make her move now, she might not get the fertile ground to launch it. mr rawlings will rather save his marriage/home than a party/nation. after all is said and done you always come home, and if the home is on fire, how can you have peace of mind. he sacrificed his principle or did he even have one. the nation/ party that made him rawlings, he is so willing to destroy so very easily. least i forget the man rawlings may not be a man after all, because the way i see it, he is remote controlled by our ver own comander ‘ko- na -du’.

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