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As a Ghanaian, I found this post very interesting..a nice read

Ball State English Department

Last week, literature major Jessica Berg began her discussion about studying abroad in Ghana (to read Part One of her post, click here). This week, she writes about how her educational experiences in Ghana have so far challenged her perceptions of such topics as African literature, West African culture, racism, and slavery among many others. Continue reading below to see Part Two of Jessica’s ongoing experience in Ghana.

One of the things that set African novels apart is their usage of African oral storytelling conventions.  As I’m extremely interested in folklore, mythology, and oral storytelling, I find this so unbelievably fascinating that I could go on for pages about it.  I’ll try to keep it reasonable.  Oral storytelling is a huge part of almost every African culture’s creative background, so it’s no wonder most major African authors have found ways to work it into their novels.  They often draw their inspiration straight from…

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