An African Story: Why China?

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Africa, World
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I get asked this question from time to time. So I will try and put it across as simply as I can. Why China? In retrospect, one can say it was a great learning curve. But for me, just like going to High School, it was the thrill of being away from friends and family, experiencing something completely new. Well, High School backfired because I went there with many, more people than I actually anticipated. Whereas China was successful. I went to China to prove myself, and I was not mistaken in that choice. Of course, there are some who made the journey to China, too, and got basically nothing from it. Well, I did get a lot, enough probably to fill ten volumes, the first of which will come out pretty soon.

Let’s just say China offered me the opportunity Ghana didn’t in 2008. That was a make or break year for me. And, just like so many steps of mine thus far, it was a huge leap that paid off. I was convinced, beyond every reasonable doubt that I could make it on fair grounds. I didn’t think I was patient enough to discover those grounds back at home then, even though I had given it my all. My ideas were found in a waste basket by a driver at the Obuasi Municipal where I did my national service. Those same ideas, when presented in a national competition, got me to the quarter finals of the inaugural MyVisionProject Ghana. These same ideas served me well in China, where my ideas were a huge success in university classrooms and private educational institutions alike.

Those who know me by now will probably understand that I have quite a penchant to prove a point or two, especially if it is worth it. It might actually surprise those who knew me when I was younger and quick to throw a fist that these days I have taken up the attitude of a hunter. Unlike previously, now I like to time my game. China taught me that to succeed one must pick one’s game, or at least be like the wind which is not seen but it’s impact felt.

Anyway, China was not as I expected. Honestly, thanks to a very good friend in Legon, I had developed this idea back in 2005 to “give everyone the benefit of the doubt.” It is an attitude I still carry around these days. I tend to suffer fools and wise men just the same, until you where you belong. Thus, I flow with whomever wants to join my party. China was placed in such limelight. I went to China expecting nothing. And I got everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I came home with the good. The bad, well, I have to think about where I utter it. You’ll never know who might be listening. As for the ugly, you all know already. The good about China is that, it is a place for daredevils. If you got a heart for big things, try China. It is an amazing place where those who care to step out of their shells will thrive.

I went. I saw. I conquered. Will share those ideas with you next time.

Writer: Dela Deletsu

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