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For some time, the leading Western nations have acted upon the assumption that democracy is the solution to political conflict, and that the ultimate goal of foreign policy must be to encourage the emergence of democracy in countries which have not yet enjoyed its benefits. And they continue to adhere to this assumption, even when considering events in the Middle East today. We can A supporter of Pakatan Rakyat gholds up a banner during a political rally against election fraud on May 25, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaeasily sympathise with it. For democracies do not, in general, go to war with each other, and do not, in general experience, civil war within their borders. (more…)


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As a Ghanaian, I found this post very interesting..a nice read

Ball State English Department

Last week, literature major Jessica Berg began her discussion about studying abroad in Ghana (to read Part One of her post, click here). This week, she writes about how her educational experiences in Ghana have so far challenged her perceptions of such topics as African literature, West African culture, racism, and slavery among many others. Continue reading below to see Part Two of Jessica’s ongoing experience in Ghana.

One of the things that set African novels apart is their usage of African oral storytelling conventions.  As I’m extremely interested in folklore, mythology, and oral storytelling, I find this so unbelievably fascinating that I could go on for pages about it.  I’ll try to keep it reasonable.  Oral storytelling is a huge part of almost every African culture’s creative background, so it’s no wonder most major African authors have found ways to work it into their novels.  They often draw their inspiration straight from…

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Your Excellencies, The Chairman of the NDP, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Dear Delegates, Members of the NDP, Nananom, party supporters, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: Today is a bright day in our nation’s history. Today’s Congress represents the dawn of a new era and the launching of a new Party, the National Democratic Party – a Party born out of a need to transform our nation’s future now and put Ghana, our great nation, back on the right track. Ladies and gentlemen, I know from personal (more…)

Welcome to KASA!!

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Hi peeps!

Welcome to KASA, the newest craze for young people to mingle and get to   learn from each other. Aching to write and be heard? Wanting a one-stop station for all the carefully selected intriguing news and not one BIG website with some good pieces of news but mixed up in a 100 other ones noone will read anyway?

Want a place where you can contribute to what is being posted? Have an entertainment or charity event you want to publicize? A secretly recorded tape? A scoop you want to release anonymously?  Here’s the place for you!!

Btw, a little bit of our age-old ‘konkonsa’ (gossip) is also welcome!!!

KASA is definitely the place to submit all this. Feel free to submit everything to For more information about KASA checkout the ‘About KASA’ tab at the top of this page! 🙂