1. Is this site for everyone?

– Hell yeah!!!

2. Can I submit my own article for publishing?

– Yes as long as it’s original and you agree that the webmaster can make any ‘grammar’ corrections without altering the meaning. Email to send to is kasaGH233@aol.com.

3. How do I report any abuse about copyright infringement of my work or art?


4. Do I need to be worried about expressing my candid opinions on here?

– No no…as long as you dont end up disrespecting other users and acting like a 2year old.

5. Can I share this site with friends and family?

– ~wide grin~….YYYYeeessssss!!!! 🙂

6. Can I send advertisements of major entertainment and charity events (organised by Africans the world over) for publishing? 

– Yes…but only these two categories for now. Of course, the team will review every submission to meet our accepted standards before publishing. Hopefully as KASA gets bigger we will allow most advertisements! And the onus lies on you to share the links to your ads on Facebook and other social networking sites.

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